There is no such thing as a perfect parent…

..reminding ourselves of this is the only way for surviving the early years!! Join a confessional revolution!

I have just read a meaningful post called Facebook is a Liar where Madison writes the truths behind the wonderful family pictures posted onto Facebook and it is followed with confessions and admiration from her readers for her honesty.

It made me think how different our lives would be if we posted the pictures of the burnt or cold dinners after the child tantrum had distracted you. You know, those  cold mugs of tea in the microwave, or the ironing pile and lets not forget the Lego covered living room… Admittedly, I have seen the odd photo of nappy shit spread over a wall made into a fantastic meme on contraception. We do post the bad times occasionally, or at least laugh at others parent fails but does that help? I think so. If other people are confident enough in admitting their struggles, laughing at others can help the pain of our own struggles and perhaps, slowly, give us the confidence to make our own confessions.


For me, I don’t post anything when I am struggling. My Facebook becomes the obligatory and addicted scroll through the feed. My Instagram goes a little bare and undated. I have absolutely no desire to connect with my social media  when my world is a little harder than normal.  I openly admit my withdrawal and recluse could be  my personal downfall yet I need reenergise and care for myself to survive.

Nevertheless, I am sure I would feel better seeing the truths behind the smiles and glam photos. I have gone out for an evening and had an ‘OK’ night, yet chose the best photos on Facebook with a snazzy title, declaring it was the ‘best night ever!’ Who was I doing that for, myself or my audience? Does it even matter?


So when I next post a photo, will I return to posing and cropping  out the food stain on the carpet, the dirty plates in the sink and/or the marks on the wall! (Yes, I am guilty of every single one!) I need to lead by example and no longer comply howeve,  this just probably means I wont post anything again – ek.

No posts rather than exposing my non-perfect side;  I am convincing myself this is better than being fake.

Well, at least it is the first stage to my confessional revolution.


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